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Friday - August 06, 2004 at 04:46 PM in

Wow, what weather!

2004 is shaping up to be the Summer of Eternal Springtime in the Twin Cities. Normally, we get a few weeks of perfect weather in the spring, a few weeks in the fall, and hot and muggy in between. This year, we've had week after week after week of 70's to low 80's with low humidity and sunshine.
Too much of this, and we're going to eat through our entire karmic reserve and wind up with bad crime and traffic, just like L.A. Oh, wait, we've already got the traffic. Nevermind.

I don't know the reason for our awesome weather (though I suspect it has something to do with "pools of Canadian high pressure" and "unusual jetstreams"), but I'm not complaining. Of course, we could use a little rain....

I've been taking advantage of the weather to get some long-deferred yard projects done. I've hauled probably 20 cubic yards of woodchips into my backyard (this needs to be done every 3-4 years to keep the weeds down, and it hasn't been done since 1998). My mother, bless her heart, has spent a huge amount of time weeding one of our perennial gardens. Things are looking better than they have since the twins were born (funny coincidence....)

I'm beginning to discover the reason for retirement: when all the undone yard projects pile up to the point where they're a full-time job for the rest of your life, it is time to quit working for good. I'm not there yet, but it is starting to feel like it.

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