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Tue - October 24, 2006 at 12:27 PM in

October's Heating Bill

We got our first heating bill of the season yesterday, and I'm going to track it again this year just like last year. One difference is that this year I've got a cool Google Spreadsheet set up so you can see just how much I'm saving.

Okay, hey, wake up there in the back row!

This fall has been significantly cooler than last year, though gas prices are a third lower. We've had some sustained chilly weather--nights have been consistently below freezing for a couple weeks now--but we haven't had to turn the furnace on at all yet. The house has been nice and toasty all thanks to firewood heat.

So the tally for October is 65 therms saved, and $50 more in our checkbook. Cumulatively we've saved a little over 1,000 therms of gas (that's 100 million BTU's) and over $1,100.

I've left blank rows for the rest of the season.

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