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Sun - December 24, 2006 at 08:05 AM in

December heating bill

Mid-November to mid-December was unseasonably warm, but still plenty cold that we needed to keep the house warm. We got our gas bill for that period, and it came to a grand total of....$45.89.

We saved $227.25 on natural gas during the month, and a record 218 therms. For the season so far, we've saved over $400 on our heating bill, and the heating season isn't even half over.

It helps that the weather has been nearly optimal for cutting the gas bill: cold enough that we're running the wood stove flat out most of the time, but not so cold that we still need the furnace to keep up. It's also been sunny most days, which helps keep our house from cooling off quite as fast during the day.

My spreadsheet is here, where you can find other fun facts like the face we've reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 2,400 kilograms so far this season, and saved a cumulative total of nearly $1,500 since we began using wood heat (that's nearly half the cost of our stove insert).

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