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Thu - January 25, 2007 at 03:11 PM in

Gas Usage: January

I got our gas bill for the month ending mid-January. This marks the midpoint of the heating season this year. During the month we saved 218 therms of gas, tying our record from the prior month.

It was just a couple degrees cooler than last month, which translated into a gas bill about $30 higher; and we saved $235 this month. We've saved $640 so far this season.

Even though the spot and futures prices for natural gas this year are quite a bit lower than last year, our "at the pump" price this month was $1.07/therm, down only a bit from $1.20 a year ago. Our gas company apparently does a good deal of price hedging, which protected us last year from the post-Katrina price spike, but it's hurting this year because some of last year's high prices are locked in.

The firewood supply is looking a little iffy. My best guess is that the supply I set aside for this winter will probably run out near the end of February--enough to get us well past the coldest part of winter, but not all the way to the end of the heating season in April. Fortunately, I've been starting to stockpile wood for next season, and some of that supply is already dry and good to burn. I can fall back on that if I have to, and it won't be nearly as bad as the green cottonwood I was reduced to burning by the end of last season. If the winter remains mild, that might shorten the spring heating "tail," stretching the remaining supply somewhat.

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