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February Gas Bill

It's been a wild month, weather-wise. After an astonishingly warm January, the first half of February was the worst cold snap in several years. We didn't hit the ultra-low lows that I've seen a couple times (the coldest temperature on our home thermometer was around -17), but we spent several days continuously below zero, then several more days with solidly subzero nights.

Then, as a sort of meteorological apology, we had a week of thaw, followed by the biggest snowstorm of several years which is just winding down now.

Our February gas bill neatly covered the period of the deepest cold, and this was the coldest average month on any gas bill we've had since I started keeping track two years ago. We also set a new record for gas savings, burning 250 fewer therms than what would be expected from the temperature. Since the price of natural gas we're paying is still above $1/therm, that's a hefty chunk of change in our pockets.

The total gas savings for this season is now over $900, and since we started tracking the total has topped $2,000. That's well over half the cost of the wood-burning stove insert. You can take a look at my spreadsheet if you really care.

We've got three months to go in this heating season, though we're definitely on the warming up side of things now--by the end of March, we're usually not having to heat the house all that much. That's a good thing, since the firewood supply is also getting very thin. I've started burning some seasoned firewood I collected earlier this season, even though it needs to dry inside for a week or so before being useful (the wood has been sitting unstacked, and is covered in snow). There's just a small amount of really good stuff left, and I'm keeping that in reserve for now.

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