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Friday - May 06, 2005 at 11:52 AM in

Finder error 0x80020025 in Tiger

There's a glitch in MacOS Tiger, and I'm posting this here in case I can help anyone else.

If you are trying to burn a data CD or DVD in Tiger, and you get an error 0x80020025 when you insert the blank disc, the solution is as follows: click on the Apple menu (upper left corner), and select "Force Quit..." From the list of application, choose "Finder" and click "Restart." Reinsert the blank CD or DVD and it should work fine.
Now for the details....apparently there is some caching bug in Tiger which makes the Finder sometimes forget that you have a Superdrive attached. Restarting the Finder clears up the problem.

Since this blog has semi-respectable Google Mojo, I'm hoping that by posting the solution here, this page will be one of the first ones which pops up when you search Google for 0x80020025. None of the other pages Google gave me when I tried the search had the solution, so this is my attempt to correct the glitch in Google.

Feel free to link to this page (particularly using 0x80020025 as the anchor text), as that will help push it to the top of the listings when people search for 0x80020025.

Thank you and have a good day.

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