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Tuesday - January 24, 2006 at 06:59 PM in

Video and Podcasting

Podcasting and Vlogging (or video podcasting) have become the latest Internet fads. These are personal audio and video productions which ordinary folks create and post to their weblogs, and there is some surprisingly compelling content out there.
For example, the Rocketboom vlog is a three-minute daily video segment which ranges from a reading of daily headlines, to reports from "field correspondents" around the world, to some just plain silliness. It is good, compelling, and viewed by a reported 100,000 people every day. That's more viewers than a lot of TV shows get.

Bona-fide professional content is also available. National Public Radio makes a lot of its news programming available as podcasts, which is a really convenient way to time-shift your listening when you don't happen to be driving the car when your favorite shows are on.

And of course there are a lot of clunkers. Probably 90% of the podcasts I sample I quickly unsubscribe to. Much of the content is boring, self-absorbed, and/or pretentious. The world's largest open-mic.

I'm tempted to try my hand at vlogging, since I've enjoyed tinkering in video in the past. But a couple things stop me.

One is the time involved. Rocketboom is reported to require several hours to write, produce, and edit each day (and from my own experience, that seems about right). It simply takes ten to sixty person-minutes to produce one minute of quality video (even if you're shooting live, which requires more planning and a larger crew than edited video).

I also know that I'm usually not that interesting a person to watch. Amanda Congdon (host of Rocketboom) is a professional, if marginally employed, actress--and a lot more photogenic than I am. So that means coming up with compelling content that doesn't involve, well, me.

So for the moment, vlogging will have to join the long list of things I'd like to do someday (write a novel, photograph the north shore of Lake Superior, do radio drama, etc.) when I have the free time.

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