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Tuesday - June 06, 2006 at 09:11 PM in

Department of High Expectations, Missed

1) Widow signs up for an expensive matchmaking service. Pays $50,000 and is promised introductions to men with net worth of "up to" $20 million.
2) Widow's dates miss expectations; for example, the "international banker" turns out to be "an interpreter who works in a bank."

3) Widow "upgrades" her plan with the matchmaker by paying an additional $25,000 for consulting services, and $50,000 for a "billionaire search" with men having a net worth of "up to $50 million."

4) Introductions once again fail to meet widow's expectation. Widow sues.

5) Matchmaker points out that Widow was not, herself, an ideal mate, and would often "make rude, impolite, and disrespectful inquiries to these men regarding their income, wealth, and finances."

6) Matchmaker also points out that Widow has sued two other matchmakers.

7) Jury awards $2 million to the Widow. The jury would have awarded more, but they didn't want to reward the Widow, and the judge wouldn't let the jury give the money to charity.

Sayeth me: It is for the better that the matchmaking failed, since I don't want to be in the same gene pool as either one of those bozos.

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