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Tuesday - October 10, 2006 at 10:46 AM in

Winter Arrives

Winter is arriving in force this week. Today will be a nice autumn day--highs in the 50's and sunny--but tonight the weather gets, um, interesting.
Showers overnight with a low in the mid-30's. Tomorrow will have snow and a high in the mid-30's, and the forecast calls for three nights in a row of below-freezing temperatures.

Average for this time of year is lows in the mid-40's and highs in the mid-60's, so its going to be about 20 degrees colder than usual.

Needless to say, I'm expecting to run the wood stove pretty much flat out for the next couple days.

I've been firing up the stove occasionally for about a month now, depending on the weather, and burned about a half-cord of the lower-grade firewood (cottonwood, pine, and some old and party rotten buckthorn a neighbor brought over). Fall and spring is a good time to use up this wood, since even though it doesn't burn very long, it does light easily and burn hot.

Strangely enough, I actually have quite a bit more firewood right now than I had a month ago. Not only do I have about two cords of elm I picked up from the diseased tree over the past month, I've also had neighbors dropping wood in my driveway. Some of it is quite green (including a freshly cut down cottonwood tree), but even the green stuff will be a nice jump-start on stockpiling wood for the next winter. The elm, though, is already drying nicely, and is high-quality firewood. It'll be usable this season if I need it, though I expect I'll have enough with wood cut this past spring.

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