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Friday - May 18, 2007 at 12:03 PM in

A Dangerous Thought....

So there I was yesterday evening, flush from the excitement of working through Agile Web Development with Rails, a great introduction to the Ruby on Rails web development environment. I haven't done much coding in the past decade or so, and my last major projects were in parallel FORTRAN, so all this agile programming, database framework stuff is pretty new to me.
The idea of being able to go from zero to a functional (and nearly feature complete) web application in just a few hours is pretty heady, which may have led my mind down a very dangerous path:

"Hey," I thought, "I wonder if it would be possible to do twelve dot-com startups in twelve months?"

The idea lodged in my brain and wouldn't let go, despite the fact that I already have my hands full running an existing startup, plus three boys who often need careful supervision so they don't try to build a space shuttle in the garage. Oh, and a wife who occasionally needs some attention, too.

To her credit, when I mentioned my wacky idea to She Who Puts Up With Me, she didn't even roll her eyes, though she did allow that it sounded pretty ambitious.

Of course, Twelve Dot-Com Startups in Twelve Months wouldn't really be complete startups with articles of incorporation, investors, marketing budgets, lawyers, accountants, etc. It's really more like twelve web applications.

Even so, it's terribly ambitious. Between everything else I have to do, I might be able to sink 40 hours into each one. But wouldn't it be interesting to see if it was even possible?

And it would sure be a heck of a way to learn some new stuff.

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