(in)Frequently Asked Questions

Questions I Expect To Be Asked Frequently

Where is the Frozen North?
Mostly, in a Western suburb of Minneapolis. Sometimes, from cities I'm traveling to on business, or at my place near Grand Marais, MN.
What do you do for, like, money?
I run a small start-up business which helps companies improve their customer service. In the past, I've also been a teacher, a scientist, and a stock analyst for an investment bank.
Why "The Frozen North?"
That's what a lot of people seem to think about Minneapolis, and while it isn't quite true (well, not all the time), it is a useful myth which keeps the crime rate down and the riff-raff out. That, and frozennorth.org was available.
Why don't you use your real name?
I decided to use a nom-de-blog because it gives me more freedom in what I can write. For a more in-depth discussion, see this blog entry.
What's the deal with the advertisements?
I've signed up with Google's AdSense program to see if I can defray the cost of hosting this site. I don't really expect much, but then the hosting isn't too expensive, either. If the ads are too intrusive, or don't provide much, I'll take them down.

Questions I Want People To Ask

Why are you writing this?
This blog is like a journal to me: a place to write down ideas, thoughts, and stuff which comes to mind. It would be nice if lots of people started reading what I write, but that's not really why I'm writing it. This is a creative outlet.
Are you married?
Yes, thank you, and very happily with three children. I'm flattered you asked, and sorry you missed out.
Can I reprint something you wrote?
Contact me for permission to copy, or else just link to this site.

Questions Nobody Will Ask, But I Thought Up Creative Answers

Are twins really Double Trouble?
No. The amount of trouble goes as the square of the number of babies, so twins are four times the trouble of a single baby. Pity the poor parents of septuplets, who have 49x the trouble!
Do I know you from somewhere?
Probably not. My family and friends will recognize me instantly from what I write. Everyone else is probably fooling themselves.
What's the answer?
42. (Actually, I didn't think up that answer.)

Questions Which Are Actually Asked Frequently

No Entries.