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Thursday - October 12, 2006 at 02:32 PM in

The Service Quality Tracker

I haven't blogged about my company in a while, though not for lack of activity. Its just that I get plenty of chances to blog about work on my work blog, so why do it here?
But today we started something pretty cool which I'm eager to share. We've launched a project, called the Service Quality Tracker, to measure the quality of customer service at different companies and post the results to our web page in real time.

Anyone can be part of this: all you need to do is use our alternate toll-free phone number instead of the company's number. When you call, we'll forward the call to the company, and call you back after you hang up for a survey.

The first industry we're tracking is computer technical support: Apple, Dell, Gateway, and HP. There's no data on our web page yet because we don't have any data, but as soon as we have enough you'll be able to see how the companies stack up against each other for technical support. In real-time, with the freshest possible data.

So, please, pass these phone numbers around. Print them out and keep them handy. The more the merrier!

To Call Dial Instead of
Apple Technical Support 800-894-3218 800-275-2273
Dell Technical Support 800-894-3639 800-624-9896
Gateway Technical Support 800-894-3552 800-846-2301
HP Technical Support 800-871-4439 800-474-6836

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